Our staff – Wellington Convention Centre

The people in our team are industry professionals and are equipped with the expertise to deliver on our core values:

Wellington Convention Centre Staff

  • highly motivated and trained to achieve excellence in customer service
  • we treat our clients, colleagues and business partners in a fair, honest, courteous manner
  • we involve and build links with the community through actively supporting community activities
  • we seek to minimise our impact on the environment
  • we provide a safe place for staff and visitors
  • our contractors and business partners ensure a consistent approach through compliance with our venues.

Wellington Convention Centre (now operating as Positively Wellington Venues) currently employs 101 contracted staff members in a variety of different roles including:

  • admin and finance
  • business development
  • event management
  • operations
  • front-of-house services
  • marketing

For more detail on the roles and people in our organisation refer to our departmental profile pages. Our catering, technical and security functions are provided via our contracted business partners.


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