Webstock Conference 10 – Wellington Convention Centre

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Big conference, big expectations, big success

Event: Webstock Conference, 15-19 February 2010
Client: Webstock
Venue: Wellington Town Hall
Scale: 650 delegates for the conference, 400 for the awards dinner

Challenge One: Three events in one

In the space of one week, three different events which comprise the annual Webstock Conference took place in succession – starting with three days of local workshops with over 12 sessions, moving on to the two day international congress; and concluding with the inaugural ONYA Awards Dinner just two hours after the conference finished. All taking place in a single venue.

The Wellington Town Hall was selected as the venue of choice due to its capability for hosting several workshops simultaneously, as well as housing an auditorium suitable for both conference and dinner. Venue flexibility was key to making the client’s vision come alive and good communication between all parties was essential for the smooth transition between events.


Challenge Two: Creating a unique experience – in a short space of time

A big part of what makes the Webstock Conference so successful is the creation of unique experiences that inspire their industry. The challenge for the Venue was to transform the spaces dramatically to feel and look different between each event; to help our clients make their delegates leave with a feeling of being involved in something revolutionary and special.

Projecting a large scale video show onto the walls of the Wellington Town Hall Auditorium for the ONYA Awards Dinner. The organisers worked with Darkoom Ltd and Multi Media to creative a show that left the delegates spellbound; and was something never seen before. With just 1 1/2 hours to change-out the venue between the conference and the dinner, the video show had to be set up over night and tested in intervals during the day while the conference was taking breaks.

Take a look at the video; it’s a pretty impressive result.

Challenge Three: High connectivity demand

A conference for the web industry is inevitably going to have high demand for wireless internet capability – more than every day usage. The 2010 conference however saw this demand exceed expectations with many delegates arriving with two or more devices requiring wireless connectivity – particularly laptops and iPhones.

Upon identifying the need for wireless was higher than anticipated, the Venue increased the amount of internet connectivity available for delegates use exponentially.  With all spaces in the venue being wireless hotspots, delegates were able to access internet from anywhere in the building, at anytime during their event. 

Client comment:

“We’ve used the Town Hall for all Webstock conferences. That we haven’t even looked at other venues is testament to the professionalism and dedication of the staff and the uniqueness of the venue.”


Images courtesy of Webstock.

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